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Report of unscheduled material events or corporate changes.


                             Washington, D.C. 20549

                                    FORM 8-K

                                 CURRENT REPORT

     Pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934

 Date of Report (date of earliest event reported): March 29, 2005  
                                                  (March 25, 2005)

                            Provo International, Inc.
             (Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)

                 (State or other jurisdiction of incorporation)

   001-15673                                   13-3950283
   ----------------                       --------------------
   (Commission File No.)              (IRS Employer Identification No.)

                               One Blue Hill Plaza
                                  P.O. Box 1548
                           Pearl River, New York 10965
                                 (845) 623-8553
 (Address and telephone number of principal executive offices and place of

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         Exchange Act (17 CFR 240.13e-4(c))

Item 3.01 Notice of Delisting or Failure to Satisfy a Continued Listing
Rule or Standard; Transfer of Listing.

     Provo International, Inc. (the "Company") (formerly Frontline
Communications Corp). received a notice from the American Stock Exchange on
March 25, 2005, advising the Company that they have not accepted the Company's
plan of compliance submitted to them on February 25, 2005. The Exchange's letter
indicates that the Company's common stock is not in compliance with Sections
1003(a) (i), 1003 (a) (ii) and 1003 (a) (iv) of the Exchange's continued listing
standards due to the Company's losses from continuing operations and the
Company's shareholders equity being less than the amounts specified in the
Exchange's continued listing standards. The Exchange staff has advised the
Company of non-compliance of Section 1003 (f) (v) of the Exchange's Company
Guide since the Company's common stock has been trading at a low price per share
for a significant period of time. In addition, the Exchange has notified the
Company of the Company's non-compliance with Section 301 of the Exchange's
Company Guide due to the Company's failure to file an application for listing of
additional shares.

     The Company will consider its various alternatives including whether to
appeal the Exchange's decision or to move to another exchange such as the OTC
Bulletin Board. The Company must notify the Exchange by April 1, 2005 if it
intends to either appeal, or allow its common stock to stop trading on the

Item 9.01               Financial Statements and Exhibits
         ( c )          Exhibits

                        99.1      Copy of Press Release of March 29, 2005.


Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 the
Registrant has duly caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the
undersigned hereunto duly authorized.

Dated: March 29, 2005

                                  Provo International, Inc.

                                  By: /s/ Stephen J. Cole-Hatchard
                                      Stephen J. Cole-Hatchard, CEO

                                                                    Exhibit 99.1

             Provo Compliance Plan Not Approved By AMEX;
                Company to Determine Whether to Appeal

    PEARL RIVER, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 29, 2005--Provo
International, Inc. (formerly Frontline Communications Corp., AMEX:
FNT) announced today that it has received notice from the American
Stock Exchange (AMEX) on March 25, 2005, that it will not accept the
company's proposed plan of compliance (the "plan"). As in its previous
notice, the notice stated that the company is not in compliance with
AMEX continued listing standards as a result of having less than $4
million in shareholders' equity, continued operating losses, and a low
stock price, pursuant to sections 1003(a)(ii), 1003(a)(iv) and
1003(f)(v) of the company guide. The notice also alleged that the
company did not file an application for listing of additional shares
in accordance with section 301.
    The company will consider its various alternatives, including
whether to appeal the AMEX decision or move to another exchange such
as the OTC Bulletin Board. The company must notify AMEX by April 1,
2005 if it intends to appeal, or allow its common stock to stop
trading on AMEX.
    Provo's CEO, Stephen J. Cole-Hatchard, expressed extreme
dissatisfaction with the AMEX review process and the reason
 it alleged
for not approving the plan. Cole-Hatchard stated that despite the
detailed description set forth in the company's plan to regain
compliance within the required 18 month time frame, including an
executed letter of intent providing for a total of $8.5 million in
financing for 4 acquisitions and licensing transactions, the
notification letter from AMEX Director of Listing Qualifications James
Mollen simply stated, in a conclusory manner, "Exchange Staff
("Staff") has determined that, (sic) the Plan does not make a
reasonable demonstration of the Company's ability to regain compliance
with the continued listing standards..."
    "Contrary to this statement by AMEX," Cole-Hatchard said, "the
plan included quarterly goals for the 18 month period from January 25,
2005 through July 18, 2006 which brought the company well into
compliance with AMEX guidelines, including over $6.4 million in
shareholder equity at June 30, 2006, and $300,000 in operating profit
for the 3 months ending June 30, 2006." Cole-Hatchard added, "I am
especially troubled by the fact that Mr. Mollen simply refused to
allow the company to even attempt to execute its proposed plan, which
would clearly be in the best interests of our 3,000 or so
shareholders. With very specific and measurable quarterly goals laid
out in the plan, AMEX would certainly have ample oversight opportunity
to determine our success or failure on a regular basis, and take
action in the event our quarterly goals weren't met. It just doesn't
make sense."
    The company identified substantial parts of its plan in announcing
the AMEX notice. According to the company, the plan submitted to AMEX
included an executed letter of intent with an investment group that
has financed the company in the past, providing for a total of at
least $8.5 million in financing during the 18 month period. The plan
called for restructuring of the company's capitalization, including a
reverse stock split to address the low stock price and financing
plans, and the retirement of approximately 22 million shares of common
stock previously issued in the Provo Mexico acquisition. The plan also
included an executed letter of intent with a University in the U.K.
providing Provo with an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for a
compound developed by the University for use against viral agents of
bio-terror, specifically involving the small pox virus. The plan
described this license agreement as the second endeavor for the
company in the anti-terrorism industry commonly referred to as
"Homeland Security." The company's paycard operations, which allows
for the international transfer of money in compliance with the U.S.
Patriot Act, is the first, currently being launched by Provo.
    In further commenting on the AMEX notice, Cole-Hatchard also
expressed concern over the failure of AMEX to provide a cogent
rational which the company could pass along to its shareholders. "Mr.
Mollen's letter stated that the plan doesn't make a reasonable
demonstration of the Company's ability to regain compliance,"
Cole-Hatchard said, "but that just isn't true. The plan absolutely
brings the company into compliance." "Whatever the real reason," he
added, "I just can't understand why AMEX is refusing to allow us the
opportunity to take the first few steps in the plan, if for no other
reason but to give the shareholders the best chance possible for their

    About Provo International Inc.

    Founded in 1995 as Frontline Communications Corporation and
currently traded on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol FNT,
Provo International Inc. has three operating divisions, involving the
sale of internet bandwidth, web development and services, and payroll
(paycard) disbursement and transfer products and services.

    The statements which are not historical facts contained in this
press release are forward looking statements that involve certain
known and unknown risks and uncertainties, including but not limited
to, changes in the market for Internet or distribution services,
regulatory and technological changes, economic factors, increased
competition, and the nature of supplier and customer arrangements
which become available to the Company in the future. The Company's
actual results may differ materially from the results discussed in or
implied by any forward-looking statements. The words "intend,"
"expect," "should," "project," and "anticipate," and similar
expressions identify forward looking statements. Readers are cautioned
not to place undue reliance on these forward looking statements which
speak only as of the date they were made.

    CONTACT: For Provo International, Inc.
             Stephen Cole-Hatchard
             Investor Relations:
             845-623-8553, ext. 2200
             Fax: 845-623-8669